Leave the fog behind, and face the sunshine onward.
Basking in revered Tsu-Kung’s mercy,
We keep moving forward.
The caring breeze of spring,
Will nurture countless seedlings.


As the society changes rapidly, family structure also undergoes a variety of transformation. Family function less well, and we have witnessed that children suffer from increasing adversity and risks. Tsu-Kuang Foundation’s mission is to pass down our revered Tsu-Kuang’s mercy. Considering the urgent needs of quality youth placement institutions and programs in central Taiwan, we built Tsu-Hsin Child’s Home by generous support from every corner in the world. One of our goals is to accommodate children and adolescents whose families are dysfunctional, and children who suffer from domestic violence. We incorporate the professionals with community resources, and collaboratively help youth’s whole person development. We help our children to become independent and confident. Meanwhile, we help rebuild children’s biological family so that before long they will be able to return to their family. In the near future, we will have a counseling center to provide psychotherapy services to community members.

Mission & Vision

1. Promote Confucianist and Buddhist’s philosophy of universal compassion and benevolence, cooperate with the government to promote social welfare policy and practice, and provide accommodation for children in need.
2. Guard children’s fundamental human rights and dignity; provide essential protection services for children.
3. Based on the credo of harmony, dignity, forgiveness, liberty, and equality, provide a safe and nurturing environment where children learn and grow to be an independent and responsible individuals.
4. Help rebuild family function, help children return to biological family.

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